Inhale The Future, Exhale The Past


"It's not about being good at something, its about being good to yourself".

Here at Motiv8 Yourself, we are a bunch of misfits who never felt like we had real talent to do something else, there is quite a few of you who also feel this way. Here at Motiv8 Yourself we pride ourselves with our positive and upbeat attitude, we rant our energy to rub off onto you, Yoga and Pilates doesn't require a specific skill set, all it ask for is the eagerness to help you live and help you grow into the beautiful flower you were meant to sprout into. Patience and Focus are 2 of the most important factors of a successful meditation!


Online Shop You Can Trust

We infuse dedication and motivation with high quality products, our team uses integrity and positive strategies to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied!


Our Founder Eric Huff was serious about starting a new adventure in his life, after he put his dog Lily Down back in 2019, he felt as if he lost his motivation to continue on with anything, Lily was his Light in his Darkest days, he accepted her passing, she is now in a better place and doesn't have to have to deal with bone cancer anymore, it was months after her passing he really invested himself in running his own business, after several trial and errors he came back to something he practiced all the time as a teenager and a young adult, meditation was his way of coping with all the negativity in this world. He spent the majority of his Adult Life being an adult, he finally dug deep into his arsenal and brought back meditation in his life in inspiration of Lily. We hope you enjoy your browse and become part of the Motiv8 Yourself community.

Animal Rescue Is Our Passion

Our Assistance of Animal Rescues and Shelters begins with financial support. We take pride in knowing everyone of these dollars works to save lives.

If there is an opportunity to use the resources at our disposal to improve or repair a shelter location to enhance the experience of staff, volunteers or the animals we will be first in line.

Our Support of Animals doesn't stop there! We are always willing to help someone in the community who may need a little assistance to purchase their animals food or help provide them with the resources the animal needs.