Why Adopting A Pet Is Better

Posted by Eric Huff on

A lot of us have grown up with a family pet, like many of us who were especially of a younger age, we didn't see the pet as a responsibility, we saw them as a sibling and a friend. It wasn't until I got older and was living life on my own, I decided I needed a companion. I was just starting college and was single, I decided I was ready to take on the responsibility of an animal. As a young college student, I didn't have a lot of money, so buying from a breeder was out of the question. I immediately jumped onto CL and searched for Dogs near me. 

This is when I discovered "Lily", she was a 2 year old boxer at the time. She didn't have papers, she came to Iowa from California and was left in a trailer that had hay bails. The owner I had gotten Lily from, took her in from the horrible situation and brought her home, the owner then went through a divorce and already had a Great Dane plus taking care of his children, Lily just had to much energy, so he had to let her go. Even though I didn't "adopt" Lily from a shelter, I was able to giver her a loving home.

I found what I was searching for, regardless of the responsibility that came of Lily, I found a companion in her. She helped me through some of my darkest days and constantly brought so much joy. Don't get me wrong, you can expect the same results from a puppy you purchased from a breeder, however a dog that you adopt or save from situations like Lily was in, you will be showered with so much more love.

Now lets get into the reason why you came to this blog, in a nutshell I summed up why it was better for me to adopt rather than shop for a pet. But there are reasons it's better for you, than my reasons. I will list off some reasons below with some in depth details.

  1. When you adopt and save one pet, you are actually saving two. The animal you adopted, obviously had to take up space so when you adopt one animal, you open up that space for another animal that is in a bad situation and needs to be cared for until they find their loving family.
  2. You obviously have a reason for wanting to adopt a pet, whether it's because you are a pet lover or you need a companion, your reason will change to reasons as your relationship with your pet is every evolving, your pet will be there during changes in your life. So one the day comes for your pet to pass over the the rainbow bridge, you'll discover the reasons that you initially wanted to adopt that pet.
  3. They help you stay active, dog, cat, gerbil, which ever pet you decide you want, just know they love to play and have fun as do we. I'd say you would get more activity if you adopt a dog because you will be taking more trips outside than you would with a car or another animal that can do its business inside.
  4. If you Adopt a pet, I can promise you the amount of love this animal will have for you is beyond any universal measurement. More than likely the shelter pet was missing love in their life and that's animals want to do and that is express the love they have for whoever will have an open heart for them. Animals are innocent they don't see evil for what it really is, they would love an evil person that didn't even deserve an animal.
  5. Adopting an animal not only will give you new or more responsibilities, it will give you the satisfaction of not feeling judged. No matter what you think may be wrong about your life, your animal will accept you regardless of anything you have done in the past or if you think your $h*t. Now go Adopt a pet and enjoy your time with that PET!!

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