Stop Putting Labels On HUMANS and Motivate Them Instead

It's when we stop labeling others that our life's begin to shape and form into a more joyful life that you look forward to exploring everyday with new adventure and gaining knowledge from your past mistakes. It's when we put a label on HUMANS it seems to be almost impossible to find any joy, we are constantly surrounded by negative stimuli's because others thought it would be "cool" or "the norm" to put a label onto HUMANS.

Let me give a few examples to why I believe by labeling things we are forming negative thoughts towards these things. For example we all have a credit score, it seems the Credit Bureaus don't know us by name, they know us by a number in which the lower the score the higher risk you are for credit and they turn around and charge you more interest? At what point in time has shit become so expensive that we need to rely on lenders to help us get us what we want?  This system is designed for us to rely "credit" so we are essentially obligated to someone else. I was told if you can't afford something don't buy it, but today so many people will use their credit card to purchase "luxury items" to fill a void inside, let me tell you, material things can and will never fill that void permanently. You made an irrational decision to please yourself temporarily and over time when you can't afford your payments you feel like shit.

In the example above, the credit bureaus are labeling us, controlling when we can purchase a vehicle, purchase a home, purchase large appliances. I am not a number I am Eric and refuse to let these lenders dictate my outcome in life. Does this mean I have to work harder, more hours and pay more money to fix this score?? Yes of course, but while in the process you are likely to accrue more debt do to Life being's a never ending cycle, all because the demi gods believe they have control over our life's when it comes to "Money".

I apologize if I that example was longer than it should have been, I really wanted to dive deep into how labeling someone like that has a long lasting impact on your life, because someone labeled us?

This next example is our Generational Status? I didn't know being born in 91 I am considered a millennial? To me if I were to label a generation. "Millennial sounds like it should have started in 2000", Again though, why put a label on a group of people who were born in a specific time line??? Make's no sense to me, because it doesn't matter, yes those who were born in the 80's didn't have the technology we do now, life evolves and people explore new ideas and creations....that has never changed and never will. But why the fuck should we try and blame a "generation", Everyone on this planet is a human, we all choose different path ways but that doesn't change the fact that we are human. The stigma behind labeling a generation leads to the judgement of said generation. Currently the debate it Generation Z wants to cancel Eminem, when in fact not every in "Gen Z" human dislikes Eminem, I can guarantee "Millennials" or "Generation X" Individuals do not like Eminem. So stop putting labels on a group of people who were born between certain years....what do you benefit from it? Except add negativity to your life.

I will try and make this blog a shorter one. I do have one more Example. Stop using the "Color Label", When you are speaking to someone and referring to someone you know, don't say "I know this person Jon Doe he is Blue and he lives in a Blue house"....Why should the person your speaking to know what color the person is? The color of the person isn't what makes them that person. When we continue doing this it because "the norm" which it has, colors are for crayons, not humans. Just because we label brands and object doesn't give us any right to Label Human Beings, if anything that's what are label should be "HUMAN BEINGS" 

In closing, I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way....Gen Z!!!....HAHA, please enjoy my humor also. My mission in life is to bring Motivation to all people who are willing to let their Light Shine Bright! I am here for you, if you ever feel the need to talk about anything. Please share this, comment as you wish! 

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