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This is blog isn't for everyone. If you suffer from a Mental Illness, then please keep reading. Here at Motiv8 Yourself we want to do our best and be are best, which means helping others who may be struggling.

I Eric the owner of Motiv8 Yourself, have been clinically diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression when I was a teenager. To be honest with you, I don't suffer from Depression much anymore, that played a greater impact in my life when I was younger. Since Adulthood my Anxiety has been a challenge. I am not a doctor and can not tell you what to or not to do, but I can tell you that medication really does help. Just ask anyone who has a worse mental illness than myself that takers their recommended dose of medications. 

I chose this title because like myself, I am sure most of you if not all of you who do suffer from a mental illness can related to the title. The statement is a lot easier to say than do. Being in our mind has become a routine and it constantly drags us down. The key is to analyze your mind, figure out when these intrusive thoughts begin to appear, those are the thoughts that will keep you locked in your mental state of mind and to be honest those thought have no significance or have an impact on your reality. Those repeated thoughts that probably have no logical explanation to why you are thinking them are the reason your stress levels have elevated.

Since I am not a medical expert I can't speak on this for every mental illness out there, I can tell you through personal experiences and my diagnoses, I tend to entertain those intrusive thoughts and guess where they get me?? No where, they increase my levels of anxiety and in return I get stressed out and that's when pimples begin to form....I am to handsome for pimples!

Any advice that I can give anyone is to get out of your head, sometimes it may seem difficult or even impossible, but I am here to tell you that you are STRONG, you are LOVED, you are CARED about and those negative thoughts or intrusive thoughts don't know your true HEART! You now your heart better than anyone else except your mother and you got this. Don't ever question if you are Crazy and when you do question that just know that you are not Crazy, someone who has lost of senses of reality would never have thoughts like that. Another way to know is just ask Alexa, she told me I was definitely not crazy! HAHA,

In conclusion, I hope this blog can help you in any way shape or form. Yes I run an online store, but I will never push a sale...I am here to help others before I make a paycheck. If you ever have issues and you just want to chat please follow one of my Social media accounts and I will be there for you! 


Thanks for reading this. I would appreciate any feedback. I have always enjoyed putting my thoughts down onto paper or type them out!