Are You Interested In Starting Yoga or Pilates?

Posted by Eric Huff on

It is now 2021, most of us are on auto pilot and find it extremely difficult to break the cycle of what has become "routine" in our life's, this isn't a problem for everyone, but is a real burden for those of you who have encountered problems with their routine. Obviously there is several solutions to solve the problem, if it is your job and you feel as if you don't have the skills to find another job that will bring you joy or happiness, then learn what your skills are. Skills are built on craft. 

Just like anything we do, habits are created by forming them. If you are someone that procrastinates and says, "I will stop drinking monsters tomorrow, I will start going to the gym tomorrow", well guess what? Tomorrow gets here and you say the same thing....ok, "Eric, then how do we actually change?", well you form a habit. If you keep telling yourself enough times it will eventually sync and you will begin to process those thoughts and eventually manifest them into reality, I can't give you exact timing, that is depending on you as a person.

Here is a personal experience, I've had issues with developing a habit that is suppose to be beneficial for my health and well being, what I had changed was my thought pattern, it doesn't happen over night, but if you repeat the thing you want to add over and over it will manifest, just as long as it is in your brain, it has to go somewhere. It took me a few weeks to add healthier options to my breakfast or lunch, but I did it. Another example, My boss has a gym in his shop and has been inviting me to come work out in mornings with himself and another employee, again I repeatedly told myself enough times to establish a new beneficial habit. I have started attending the workout sessions a few times a week, again I did it.

The same would apply if you are looking to start Yoga, Pilates or even Meditation. These are good habit forming techniques used by millions across the world. It not only helps with draining several negative energies from within, but it also helps with relaxing your muscles, taking the tension off areas of your body that are effected by the stressors in your life. 

Our bodies can do weird things when we become stressed. Who knew that what happens in our heads also effects parts of our body, a lot of people are stuck in that state of being, they forget that our head is connected to our body and there is nerves throughout our whole system, and if some of those nerves are not working correctly due to stress blocking their communications then the result is that never bothering you and causing pain. 

That is probably the other reason you are looking to change your "routine" and looking for new habits that will help decrease the amount of stressors in your life, you came to the right place, because Yoga, Pilates and Meditation are probably the best technique to eliminate some of those stressors.

I am not a doctor so this isn't  medical advice, this is just based on my experiences in life and the knowledge I can share with you. *Keep in mind by finding a new habit that is healthy and beneficial just remember we are Human and stressors will always exist, there is no "Magical Pill" or "Technique" that can eliminate all of the stressors in our life's, that's just not reality, however these techniques can actually help reduce the amount of stressors that are effecting your overall health. 

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